The System

How the System Works

We are just a water purifier, but best in the industry. We are expert in Centralised Water Purification System.



This is not a ready-made system to supply through resellers. Prior to the system installation, we take sample of water from the site and analyze it by a chemical test in our laboratory to confirm if the water resource requires purifying system or not. Each system is manufactured according to the laboratory report of sample water.


How It Works

This system purifies water from central water tank itself. As the contents used for this system is a mixture of natural elements at a very calculated percentage which never dilute or mix with water, it does not affect the structure of water at all. Water passes from central water tank through the system, and water supply continues after purifying process.


Back Wash

There is separate user-friendly valve for back-wash in the system. This valve is used to eject waste, collected in the system during purifying process.